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Advance European Ltd
about 3 months ago
Ashley Coghill is with Claire Coles and Rob Colesy Coles at British Motor Museum.

They start them young these days....
Potential driver admiring the models at The Gaydon Model Truck Festival 😂

Advance European Ltd
about 5 months ago

We are sad to announce the death of Roy Clementson. Roy was the very first Grangewiod driver. Way back in the beginning his wagon was a four wheeler out of London docks throughout the UK. Later in his career, he had the distinction of being the first commercial driver through the newly opened Channel Tunnel - when he worked for Laser. Our friend. RIP.

Advance European Ltd
about 7 months ago

Sammy was my friend, agent, and Mr Fix-it in Damascus, too. A far more comprehensive and prompt service at Sammy's office than at the British Embassy! He helped me many times. Sammy was Palestinian. I hope he's OK.

Sammy Sirissi - truck drivers friend, agent & Mr Fixit. Helped many in the heyday of the Middle East run from UK & Europe